April 10, 2000



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Surely, incinerating dozens of people near Waco, TX was a tough act to follow. Yet, Janet Reno et al. never seem to disappoint.

Abandoning a tradition that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence, a tradition whereby America stands as the city on the hill, a beacon and sanctuary from tyranny, DOJ is hell-bent on sending a young refugee back to a Stalinist dictatorship. Lady Liberty has just sunk in New York Harbor.

Yes, Comrades Reno and Clinton and their fellow travelers feel very strongly that Elian Gonzalez will fare much better in a land where milk is rationed, doctors earn about $20 per month, and what few resources are available are diverted to the tourist industry. An old joke in Miami says that Fidel Castro has solved all the problems in Cuba except three: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that Elian's father's first reaction, when he found out that his son was safe in Miami, was to be thankful that he made it to freedom. Then, Fidel got involved, and everything changed--thanks in large part to an administration and media that seem to love Communist regimes about as much as the late, unlamented NY Times columnist Walter Duranty did in the 1940's.

But, you ask, can they top this?

How about punishing one of the most successful companies of all time?

I have written about the absurdity of antitrust before.

Antitrust is nothing more than a tool of enforcement, or better stated, a federal power grab.

Exactly who has been hurt by Microsoft? Lotus, it's true, lost the spreadsheet wars to Microsoft's Excel, and was bought out by IBM. Netscape lost the browser wars to Internet Explorer, and was bought out by AOL. Word Perfect was a relatively late adapter to Windows, and paid the price, although the product is still alive and well and part of Corel. Novell lost the network wars, so then it bribed Orrin Hatch to feed the flames of this antitrust action.

The fact is, you don't hear too many consumers complaining, and funny thing, you NEVER hear consumers complaining about the defendant during an antitrust action. No doubt, you hear, as you could have heard in John D. Rockefeller's day, those who are happy to see the wealthy entrepreneur "cut down to size."

It is unclear how hurting Bill Gates will help these malcontents, but then, there are many people walking around with hate in their hearts, who can simply take pleasure in the misfortunes of others. Indeed, there are too many who can blind themselves to a brutal, poverty stricken dictatorship 90 miles from our shores, and there are many who hate all religion, figuring good riddance to the Branch Davidians and even their innocent children.

Finally, there are those who would exploit all this hatred, while embarking on the most destructive agenda ever to have been launched by the once principled Department of Justice.

We can only look with trepidation toward what further outrages will be thrust on this nation in the eight months still remaining to the current administration.


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