The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted almost everyone in the world and Interscan is no exception. We are acutely aware that you rely on us for gas detection instrumentation products, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve all of you. Taking every measure possible to protect ourselves is not only sensible, but vital during this national emergency. Please note the following:

  1. First, none of our staff has contracted the Coronavirus. We always take appropriate precautions of sanitizing, washing hands, avoiding physical contact, sterilizing hard surfaces, etc. during flu season and we have increased these measures at this time.
  2. Visitor and vendor traffic is being kept to an absolute minimum. Mail and packages are always carefully screened, but we are adding disinfectant routines to these procedures.
  3. Staff who are able to and who are vulnerable, or have family members who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus are working from home. In our offices and factory, we are practicing social distancing to the most feasible extent.
  4. Any and all staff showing symptoms or suspected symptoms of the Coronavirus will be tested and, if deemed necessary by medical personnel, will isolate themselves or be quarantined.
  5. We recognize these precautions are not only necessary to protect ourselves but to protect that which you have given us — your trust, and your continuing business.
  6. We will continue to stay informed of all the latest developments and recommendations from public health officials. These will be implemented as needed.
All orders related to COVID-19—including those for hydrogen peroxide analyzers—will be given top priority. Capacity has been added to expedite this business.