Arc-Max® is the perfect companion for your Interscan gas monitoring system, or any monitoring system…

[NOTE:  Interscan’s GasD® 8000 portable analyzers and AccuSafe continuous monitoring systems have data acquisition built right in.]

What Is Arc-Max?

Arc-Max® is a data acquisition and logging system that will continuously store input from all kinds of workplace sensors, and produce reports of employee exposure to toxics, automatically. That’s why we say it’s Purpose-Designed.

Using the powerful TEOS   SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) engine, alarm logs, trending, and specialized reports—Shift Reports—giving key occupational health information, are available at the click of a mouse.

Up to four independent shifts per day can be assigned, to better analyze exposure data. The shifts can overlap. Current and historical Shift Reports are both readily available.

The Shift Report tracks the following, for each sensor monitored by Arc-Max®.

  • Shift Minimum value and time of occurrence
  • Shift Maximum value and time of occurrence
  • 8 hour time-weighted average
  • The four highest 15-minute average exposures that occurred during the shift (STEL)

Why Do You Need Arc-Max?

Suppose that you’ve been a good corporate citizen, and have installed sensors for toxic compounds all around your facility, to protect your employees. Ask yourself this: Can you document long-term employee exposure? Do you have any idea how close their exposure is to the allowable levels?

High concentration alarms are fine, but they’re not enough! Of greater importance these days is long-term low level exposure. That’s the kind of exposure that lawsuits are based on. Unless you have a documented record of exposure, if you’re sued, you’ll be scrambling for data, desperately trying to re-create the past.


Arc-Max Is Completely Self-Contained

Unlike most competitive systems, Arc-Max produces the reports you need directly from the program. There is no need to export files to a spreadsheet program, unless you want to do unusual or specialized analysis.

Arc-Max Is Easy To Use

The system is supplied totally configured for your application, and is ready to run—right out of the box. No programming is required. All you do is connect your inputs.

Arc-Max Can Be Customized

The underlying SCADA package was written with the intent of being easy to customize. Arc-Max is expandable, and the report formats can be modified to suit your needs.

Do you have a mixture of occupational health and process sensors? No problem. Do you need “mimic” screens? Just ask.

Arc-Max Has Data Integrity

All sensitive functions, including setting alarm levels, establishing shift times, and exiting the program itself, are under password access.

Simply put, there is no package on the market today—even at twice the price—that can compete with Arc-Max! See for yourself with these screenshots.

Arc-Max Screen Shots

Click on thumbnail images to enlarge.

Ordering Information

Arc-Max is supplied as a fully configured package—including software customized to your settings, and interfacing components—based on your requirements. Typically, a set-up questionnaire—which details such information as to how each input should be labeled; shift times; and alarm settings—is submitted to Interscan by the customer.

Arc-Max packages are available in increments of eight inputs. The system can be built out—as an option—to accommodate 1024 inputs.

Number of inputs
Catalog Number

Your Next Step

This brief introduction covers the main features, but by no means all the features, of Arc-Max®.   Additional specifications are available here.

For the full story, you are invited to contact our sales department.