Adding remote displays to an installation allows various information—acquired by the gas detection system—to be viewed at a location some distance from where the main system is installed.  They are often mounted directly outside the entrance to a work area that could develop hazardous levels of a toxic gas.  In certain cases, it may also be prudent to install remote displays within the area that is monitored.

Deployment and location of remote displays is best determined by consideration of employee safety and early warning requirements.

While such remote displays can be ordered as custom units, Interscan does offer as standard the following configuration:


Features—Remote Displays

  • 3½ digit LED display—showing gas concentration at the sampling point
  • Alarm status for that point
  • Piezo audible signal, activating if point goes into gas alarm
  • Packaged in rugged NEMA enclosure


Ordering Information

To order standard remote displays, simply indicate how many monitoring points are to be displayed—simultaneously—on the unit.

Number of inputs
Catalog Number




Typical Installation

Note how the remote display (in this case for three inputs) is mounted outside the door to SPD in a large hospital. (Sterile Processing Department aka Sterile Processing and Distribution.) The idea is to warn SPD workers of a hazard before they enter the affected area.

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