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1.     Determine the gas or gases of interest, and the desired full scale measuring range of each.  List any potentially interfering gases that may be present. This will be useful information for our applications people.

2.     Decide whether this application is for portable survey monitoring, or for a fixed, continuously operating monitoring system.

3.     Determine if you will be monitoring in a hazardous area.

4.     Determine if you would like some form of data acquisition or recording.

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You might also like our popular Gas Detection Applications Primer. See also “Measuring Toxic Gases In The Environment,” which originally appeared in Health News Digest. Here is special applications information pertaining to Ethylene Oxide monitoring.

That’s how you get started in figuring out a gas detection application. For your next step, contact one of our engineers for a no-hassle quote on a cost-effective solution—tailored to your specific needs.