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joule [J]:
gigajoule [GJ]:
megajoule [MJ]:
kilojoule [kJ]:
millijoule [mJ]:
microjoule [µJ]:
nanojoule [nJ]:
attojoule [aJ]:
megaelectron-volt [MeV]:
kiloelectron-volt [keV]:
electron-volt [eV]:
gigawatt-hour [GW*h]:
megawatt-hour [MW*h]:
kilowatt-hour [kW*h]:
kilowatt-second [kW*s]:
watt-hour [W*h]:
watt-second [W*s]:
newton meter [N*m]:
horsepower hour [hp*h]:
horsepower (metric) hour:
kilocalorie (IT) [kcal (IT)]:
kilocalorie (th) [kcal (th)]:
calorie (IT) [cal (IT), cal]:
calorie (th) [cal (th)]:
calorie (nutritional):
Btu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu]:
Btu (th) [Btu (th)]:
mega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)]:
ton-hour (refrigeration):
fuel oil equivalent @kiloliter:
gigaton [Gton]:
megaton [Mton]:
kiloton [kton]:
ton (explosives):
dyne centimeter [dyn*cm]:
gram-force meter [gf*m]:
gram-force centimeter:
kilogram-force centimeter:
kilogram-force meter [kgf*m]:
kilopond meter [kp*m]:
pound-force foot [lbf*ft]:
pound-force inch [lbf*in]:
ounce-force inch [ozf*in]:
foot-pound [ft*lbf]:
inch-pound [in*lbf]:
inch-ounce [in*ozf]:
poundal foot [pdl*ft]:
therm (EC):
therm (US):
Hartree energy:
Rydberg constant:

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