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kilogram [kg]:
gram [g]:
exagram [Eg]:
petagram [Pg]:
teragram [Tg]:
gigagram [Gg]:
megagram [Mg]:
hectogram [hg]:
dekagram [dag]:
decigram [dg]:
centigram [cg]:
milligram [mg]:
microgram [µg]:
nanogram [ng]:
picogram [pg]:
femtogram [fg]:
attogram [ag]:
kilopound [kip]:
pound-force sq. second/foot:
pound [lb]:
pound (troy or apothecary):
ounce [oz]:
ounce (troy or apothecary):
poundal [pdl]:
ton (short) [ton (US)]:
ton (long) [ton (UK), t (long)]:
ton (assay) (US) [AT (US)]:
ton (assay) (UK) [AT (UK)]:
ton (metric) [t]:
kiloton (metric) [kt]:
quintal (metric) [cwt]:
hundredweight (US):
hundredweight (UK):
quarter (US) [qr (US)]:
quarter (UK) [qr (UK)]:
stone (US):
stone (UK):
tonne [t]:
pennyweight [pwt]:
scruple (apothecary) [s.ap]:
carat [car, ct]:
grain [gr]:
talent (Biblical Hebrew):
mina (Biblical Hebrew):
shekel (Biblical Hebrew):
bekan (Biblical Hebrew):
gerah (Biblical Hebrew):
talent (Biblical Greek):
mina (Biblical Greek):
tetradrachma (Biblical Greek):
didrachma (Biblical Greek):
drachma (Biblical Greek):
denarius (Biblical Roman):
assarion (Biblical Roman):
quadrans (Biblical Roman):
lepton (Biblical Roman):
Planck mass:
Atomic mass unit [u]:
Electron mass (rest):
Muon mass:
Proton mass:
Neutron mass:
Deuteron mass:
Earth's mass:
Sun's mass:

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