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Monitoring the Interior of the EtO Cartridge Flammable Storage Cabinet

9:45 am

Within sterile processing departments, the predominant modality for ethylene oxide sterilization is the sealed EtO cartridge approach, as sold by 3M. In its Product Profile on the Steri-Gas™ EO cartridges, 3M puts fort[...more]

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Errant use of gas chromatography for area monitoring of ethylene oxide in SPD departments

9:23 am

In recent months, we have seen certain people touting systems using gas chromatography (provided with a photo-ionization detector) for area monitoring of ethylene oxide in Supply, Processing, and Distribution (SPD) depar[...more]

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When is a part-per-billion (ppb) NOT a part-per-billion (ppb)?

8:08 pm

As if it weren't bad enough that clueless environmental authorities try to impose their ignorance on the field by using so-called "metric" units of gas concentration, another trap may be lurking for you. Everyone around[...more]

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More on Expressing Gas Concentrations

3:34 pm

This is a follow-up to our earlier article on Using Common Sense and Science in Expressing Gas Concentrations, inspired by a real-life adventure of one of our sales engineers. As our hero was slogging through some e-mai[...more]

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Understanding Danger

3:26 pm

The dictionary defines "danger" as "the state of being exposed to harm : liability to injury, pain, or loss." Typically, gas detection is deployed in areas that contain potential danger. This danger may result from some[...more]

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The Fallacy Of "No Safe Level"

3:21 pm

In the wake of the FEMA trailers and the recalled toys from China—to say nothing of the hype surrounding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA)—you may have heard some pundit say that "There is n[...more]

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What are the calibration techniques available for quantifying a gas? Suggest a few methods for quantifying ammonia in particular.

3:19 pm

See our article entitled "Calibration Basics," which covers calibration techniques.   For ammonia, we would recommend permeation tubes.[...more]

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Surrogate Calibration

3:18 pm

The term "surrogate calibration" refers to a practice in instrument calibration whereby a standard different from the entity to be measured is utilized. For example, thermal flowmeters are based on convective heat trans[...more]