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Monitoring the Interior of the EtO Cartridge Flammable Storage Cabinet

Within sterile processing departments, the predominant modality for ethylene oxide sterilization is [...more]
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Errant use of gas chromatography for area monitoring of ethylene oxide in SPD departments

In recent months, we have seen certain people touting systems using gas chromatography (provided wit[...more]
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When is a part-per-billion (ppb) NOT a part-per-billion (ppb)?

As if it weren't bad enough that clueless environmental authorities try to impose their ignorance on[...more]
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More on Expressing Gas Concentrations

This is a follow-up to our earlier article on Using Common Sense and Science in Expressing Gas Conce[...more]
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Understanding Danger

The dictionary defines "danger" as "the state of being exposed to harm : liability to injury, pain, [...more]