Quarterly Check of INLET Particulate Filter (Catalog No. 417-00002 )

  • Change when visibly dirty, or when flowmeter requires frequent adjustments to keep flow rate above 0.4 liter/minute.


Quarterly Check of Interference Scrubber (Catalog No. 030-00045)

  • Pellets should be purple in color. If pellets are dark brown or black, replace scrubber.
  • If pellets are light brown, open scrubber and remove one or two pellets. Slice these pellets open. If they are light brown all the way through, replace scrubber.


Quarterly Check of BYPASS

  • Remove crimp nut from BYPASS fitting, if one is present. Block BYPASS fitting with tip of finger while observing flowmeter. Flow rate should increase by at least 100%.
  • If flow rate does not increase, remove and clean BYPASS orifice. The BYPASS orifice is a small plastic rod inserted into the crimp nut, on the inside of the BYPASS fitting.


Quarterly Check for Sensor Water Loss

  • Remove sensor and weigh it. Compare current weight to sensor’s original weight (3 digit hand-written number on bottom of sensor).
  • Add 1 cc of distilled or deionized water for every gram the sensor is light.    Do not overfill!
  • Refer to section 6.0 of the instruction manual for more details on instrument maintenance. An instructional video is available, which covers maintenance, operation, and calibration of EtO monitors.

Contact our Service Department to order the video.