SENSOR EXPRESS® — Streamlining Calibration and Maintenance


Regular calibration of your instrument, against a known standard, is the key to successful gas detection.  Ideally, users should have such calibration standards at the ready, in their own facilities.  However, in certain cases, this can be cumbersome and expensive.  That’s why many Interscan customers utilize our popular—and much-imitated—Electronic Calibration Service (ECS).

Interscan’s SENSOR EXPRESS® program has been re-launched as the SENSOR EXPRESS® Revolving Sensor Calibration Program.  This is based on you having on hand a pre-calibrated spare sensor to put into your instrument, while the original sensor is being returned to the factory for re-calibration.

Simple instructions are provided on how to make adjustments to your instrument for the re-calibrated sensor, when it’s time to put it back into service.

Rest assured that all customers with current a SENSOR EXPRESS® subscription will be supported for the duration of their contracts.  As always, we will be responsive to your special requirements on calibration services, and invite such inquiries.

In most cases, with SENSOR EXPRESS®, no further maintenance of the sensor is needed.

The SENSOR EXPRESS® Revolving Sensor Calibration Program will be recommended with each new instrument order, and can be initiated for existing instruments by contacting our sales department, or submitting the form below.

As an added bonus, corporate-wide discounts—for multiple locations—are available.


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