SENSOR EXPRESS® — Streamlining Calibration and Maintenance


Regular calibration of your instrument, against a known standard, is the key to successful gas detection. Ideally, users should have such calibration standards at the ready, in their own facilities. However, in certain cases, this can be cumbersome and expensive. That’s why many Interscan customers utilize our popular—and much-imitated—Electronic Calibration Service (ECS).

Interscan’s SENSOR EXPRESS® program streamlines ECS by sending you pre-calibrated sensors on a regular basis—per your needs—without the burden of returning sensors to our factory for re-certification. The sensors are shipped to you either twice, three times, or four times per year at your discretion.

Here’s how easy it is…

1.     Sign-up for SENSOR EXPRESS.

2.     Automatically receive your new sensor and the instructions.

3.     Remove your old sensor from the instrument.

4.     Make the electronic adjustments per the enclosed instructions, and install the new sensor.

5.     Discard the old sensor. There is nothing to send back!

In many cases, with SENSOR EXPRESS, no further maintenance of the sensor is needed.

To recap…

  • Interscan’s SENSOR EXPRESS® program keeps your gas detection instruments in calibration, with automatic shipments of new sensors—direct to you.
  • There is nothing to send back.
  • Pricing is extremely attractive. †
  • It’s as simple as that.

As an added bonus, corporate-wide discounts—for multiple locations—are available.

SENSOR EXPRESS® is a subscription service, and owing to the substantial discounts, requires advance payment.


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