Specification parameters are defined per ANSI/ISA—51.1—1979 (R1993). Performance of a particular model may vary from these specifications, and may also be influenced by environmental factors. For further data, please consult the factory.


Accuracy:Analog units: ±2.0% of full scale
Digital units: ±2.0% of reading, ±1 least significant digit
(Limited to accuracy of calibration standard)
Repeatability:±0.5% of full scale
Minimum Detectability:1.0% of full scale
[Better on certain digital models]
Note that any data obtained at the level of minimum detectability will not be accurate.
Linearity:±1.0% of full scale
Zero Drift:±1.0% of full scale
Span Drift:Less than ±2.0% of full scale (24 hours)
The zero and span drift specifications assume that the analyzer is equilibrated, and is at constant temperature, with a properly maintained sensor.
“Drift” is defined as an undesired change in output over a period of time, which change is unrelated to input, operating conditions, or load.
Lag Time:Less than 1 second
Calibration:Against standard gas mixture, or via INTERSCAN’s Electronic Calibration Service
Compliance with EC Directives
on RoHS and WEEE:
Compliant.   Refer to detailed information.


Detailed specifications on all instruments are available in the comprehensive catalog portion of this website