Model mV-HR

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The mV-HR TruTrack Data Logger is a small, high resolution (16-bit) voltage data logger, provided with an internal temperature sensor. The unit can accommodate inputs of

  • ±50 mV
  • ±100 mV
  • ±200 mV
  • ±400 mV

Models designed for other voltage ranges, 4-20 mA input, and self-contained loggers for a host of environmental parameters are also available. Please contact us for further details.

Supplied with easy to use yet feature-rich software, the loggers can be programmed to record in engineering units, and yield a number of useful reports. Logging files can be exported to spreadsheet programs, for further analysis.

**Older models were known as “Nomad” Data Logger



External connector 2 pin Switchcraft Plug EN3C2M
IP66 rating
Pinout 1 Positive
2 Negative

View from front of socket or rear of plug

Maximum readable input voltage 500 mV
Maximum voltage input without damaging logger 10 V
Input leakage current 1 nA
Resolution Input range
0.01 mV
0.01 mV
0.01 mV
0.1 mV
Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale
If the logger is connected to a computer or instrument with either having an earth ground, erroneous readings will result, because of currents produced from the ground connection.
Temperature sensor Thermistor
Linearity ±0.5°F (Over the range 32°F to 158°F)
[±0.3°C (Over the range 0°C to 70°C)]
Repeatability ±0.2°F   [±0.1°C]
Long term stability ±0.2°F   [±0.1°C]
Working and storage temperature -22°C to +158°F   [-30°C to +70°C]
Sampling rate Adjustable in one second increments from 1 sample/second to 1 sample/10 hours
Storage capacity

Logging one channel
  522,240 samples
    145 hours with 1 sec logging interval
    362 days with 1 min logging interval
    4.9 years with 5 min logging interval

Logging two channels
  261,120 samples
    72.5 hours with 1 sec logging interval
    181 days with 1 min logging interval
    2.4 years with 5 min logging interval

Alarms Two independent alarms
Triggered on any combination of six user configurable alarm conditions
Both alarms can be configured to send SMS messages
Alarms can be reset on user configurable reset conditions
Alarms can be visually checked using the software supplied
Start modes Start immediately
Start on date/time
Start on condition (e.g. temperature > 20°C)
Start on trigger (push button on logger)
Stop mode Stop when memory is full
Stop on date/time
Loop around (continues logging)
Logging modes Each channel can be set to log any combination of:
  • Point readings
  • Average reading
  • Maximum reading
  • Minimum reading
Battery User replaceable
Custom 7.2V Lithium battery pack
One to five years depending on usage
The data is retained in the case of battery failure
Battery status monitored in software
Download time 9 minutes 30 seconds at full capacity
Case material Type 304 stainless steel tube
Screw on end cap Plated brass
Weight 5.3 oz   [149 g]
Size 0.79 in diameter x 7.28 L   [20mm dia. x 185mm L]