measurementHere are some dynamic converters —featuring a handy set of tools to convert between various gas concentration units of measurement. Several other goodies are also included.

The gas concentration unit converters are said to be the best on the Web, and have garnered tens of thousands of visits.   Check out our Knowledge Base articles on gas concentration units of measurement.   While we have taken every precaution to assure that the files are accurate, we cannot accept any responsibility for errors.

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First, the gas detection converters… (click a toggle below to open)

Multi-unit simultaneous converters. You’ll like these… (click a toggle below to open)

Assorted goodies…


Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion table

Molecular weights and chemical formulae for many gases of interest

Download Josh Madison’s wonderful freeware Units conversion program

Try Matthew Monroe’s featured packed freeware Molecular Weight Calculator

Information and tables on flammable and combustible compounds

A table showing the saturation vapor pressure of water as a function of temperature. Useful in determining the dew point of a gas sample. Consult the detailed instructions.

For the shop floor…A table of fractions and decimal equivalents, to seven decimal places. And, a chart of standard drill sizes in decimal inches. Each is set up to print on a single sheet.


Do you need help with any of these converters?  Are they part of a current or future gas detection application?

The first step in any gas detection application is to determine the gas(es) of interest.  The second is figuring out the range of measurement, using the appropriate units.   Our engineers are ready to assist you.  Please contact us.