An ethylene oxide calibration kit can be obtained from:

22 Albiston Way
Auburn, ME 04210
Phone:  1-800-292-6218

The “Interscan One” calibration kit includes:

  • A specially treated aluminum cylinder, containing 160 liters of 4 ppm ethylene oxide (balance nitrogen) span gas. Cylinder is provided with flow gauge adjustable from 0.5 to 5 liters per minute.
  • A 5 liter Tedlar® sample bag, provided with a stainless steel shut-off valve
  • A 12 inch (305 mm) length of ¼ inch (6.35 mm) OD type FEP Teflon® tubing
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case is optional


The “Interscan Two” calibration kit includes all the above, and adds a hard plastic carrying case.

One of the advantages of these kits, besides the care used in blending the standards, is that the empty gas cylinders can be refilled, rather than thrown away.


  1. Zero the monitor, using the zeroing procedure described in section 4.0 of the instruction manual.
  2. Fill sample bag with gas from cylinder of EtO.
  3. Connect sample bag to the INLET of monitor.
  4. After 8 to 9 minutes, adjust the SPAN until panel meter or concentration display indicates the ppm concentration printed on the gas cylinder.
  5. Remove the sample bag. Allow reading to return to zero on its own. Instrument is now calibrated.

Refer to section 5.0 of the instruction manual for more details on instrument calibration.



Using permeation devices.     For further information, please contact the factory.